My Experience as a First Time Cruiser

On the 13th November 2016, my friend and I embarked on our first cruise ever. My friend is a long-time country music fan and was looking for something that fell on or around her birthday, so we booked the Cruising Country Number 6 through a lovely travel agent, asked whatever questions seemed important at the time and set off on packing all the cruise wear we could lay our hands on and stuff in our suitcases. It seemed like a great adventure: 8 nights away to New Caledonia and Vanuatu with plenty of on board entertainment and food included. What could go wrong? Surely we would be in for a surprise? Right? Continue reading


10 Signs You Need More Coffee In Your Life


Whether you are a veteran coffee drinker or aspire to be, here are 10 signs you need more coffee in your life:

1.) You used to think one cup of coffee a day was amazing. It gave you 16 hours worth of motivation and jittery excitement as you raced through your day. Now it barely gets you from the couch to the shower in the mornings. Continue reading

Self Perception: When Your Inner Critic Becomes Your Own Personal Bully



When you are bullied in your teenage years it never truly leaves you. You may one day forgive and forget who exactly said what, when and why, but the words stay with you.

They sink into your very core. You obsess over them so much they are no longer just words but facts. Facts you believe and elevate above any positive comment you’ve ever received or ever will. Yes. The negative moments, the name calling, the jabs at your physical appearance or behaviour stay with you. Long after your bully/bullies have moved on and so effortlessly discarded you, and the words, from their memory. Continue reading

Thoughts and Tangents of the Perpetually Single

All the single ladies, now put your hands up! whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Sorry, had to be done. Extra points and a golf clap if you sang it in your head. I’m proud of you.

I’d like to raise my hand and say, yes, I am single. I have been single for quite some time. And no,  I am not cruising bookshops or cafes like a creep looking for the perfect Rom-Com cute meet to tell my grandkids about. That’s not me.

I decided after the last guy I was involved with (long story) that I was in fact better off and stronger alone. Wish I could say it was a decision based on an empowering moment. But let’s be honest, it was  based on selfish and lazy reasons. Sorry feministas, gotta let you down on that one. Here is the kind of thinking that lead me to my current head space: Continue reading

10 Signs You’re Geographically Challenged

Waiheke Island NZI don’t know about you, but Geography was never my strong point in school. I don’t know if it was a learning thing or if I just had no interest in the subject or the way it was taught. Either way, nothing really stuck with me long term. Even with navigational technology I still struggle, much to the bafflement of my friends. I swear I am getting better with practice though. I might just be in denial but I will take it as progress.

They say ‘write what you know’ so here are 10 Signs that you may be geographically challenged like me: Continue reading

Life after Phoenix

I never thought I would get another cat. Not after Phoenix. But then I made the mistake of looking at the RSPCA website. Darn those cute kitty faces staring at me, longing for a new home. Then, as I scrolled down, with no great intention of adopting any, I saw her. She looked like a young Phoenix. The resemblance was uncanny. Though, where Phoenix had been an Abyssinian crossed with a tabby this one was a one year old pure tabby through and through. The description accompanying the photo was persuasive with buzz words and phrases such as: “likes to be the centre of attention” and “playful”. Could she be my next fur child? Continue reading

10 Signs You’re Not In A Romantic Comedy

If you’re anything like me there’s a chance you’ve had a moment in life (or many) where you’ve thought “This is something that would happen in a Rom-Com!” or “Jeez, if this was a Rom-Com [insert generic Rom-Com plot point here] would have happened by now.” Sadly, life is not a scripted movie with guaranteed plot resolutions or quirky plot twists. Not convinced? Here are 10 signs for you to muse over: Continue reading

My Secret Self By Julia Fulford-Kirby


My secret self - amazon image

Image: Amazon

“I hold back my tears – an effort doomed to fail as I walk, head down, battling against the driving rain and my own emotions. How could this happen? How could I not have seen this happening? My life, my fiancé, my Jack. Have I really lost him?”

Kim Carter is in a situation usually reserved for clichéd romantic comedies. She’s just discovered her fiancé Jack in bed with her friend Kate a week before the wedding. Clichéd? Maybe. What’s not clichéd, however, is the mood of the moment. With a lack of guilt, remorse or even sympathy from the cheating pair, Kim is left feeling like the naïve intruder whose unannounced presence has ruined a romantic and cosy morning. Continue reading

10 Signs You’ve Been Trained By Your Cat

Cat - Pixabay

Photo Source: Pixabay

Cats. There’s no denying they’re crafty creatures that will soon have you twisted around their furry little paws in no time… or tangled around your legs whenever you try to sneak into the kitchen undetected. While you’re busy convincing yourself that you’ve trained your cat, here are 10 signs that your cat has in fact trained you: Continue reading