Mirror Mirror (2012)

“The kingdom was a happy place where people danced and sang day and night – apparently no one had jobs back then.”

With all the Snow White movies around, both old and new, what makes Mirror Mirror any different? Why pick it over any other? Well, it’s really down to your own personal taste. If you are fiercely attached to the original Snow White stories and delight in the more accurate and serious tales or if your inner child screams for the Disney version then this movie is probably not going to appeal to you.

If, however, you are looking for a movie that is highly stylised and over the top (the word cheesy comes to mind on multiple occasions) with plenty of wildly honest one liners and awkward romantic clichés then this may just be a movie for you. There is also a lot of intricate and colourful costumes if you find that type of thing interesting. Continue reading