10 Signs You’re That “One In Every Family”

You’ve heard the saying, there’s one in every family. The one family member a little NQR or “left of centre” you avoid as much as possible. What if that “one” is actually you and you haven’t noticed? How awkward. It couldn’t be true, could it? You’re lovable, right? RIGHT?! *crickets* Hate to be the bubble burster of the day but here are 10 signs you might not want to nod along with #sorrynotsorry : Continue reading


10 Signs You Have a Stationery Addiction



I’m of the opinion you can never have too many items of stationery. Frankly the idea of living in a stationery store sounds awesome. Minus the random people browsing. And the employees judging you for spending an hour deciding which diary cover to go with. I’m picturing a giant ladder made out of thousands of paper clips, and a binder slide. Oh and one wall painted with chalkboard paint and another entirely made out of whiteboard… what? Oh, right, the post. Here are 10 signs you might have a teensy tiny stationery addiction. Not me though. I’ve totally got it under control. Obviously. Continue reading

10 Signs Office Work Is Not Your Calling


It’s a nice dream isn’t it? To one day find your calling and do what you love. Sadly, reality doesn’t always mirror what’s in your head. Bills need paying and you keep getting rejected for your dream job in favour of someone with more experience or a higher list of qualifications. So you get desperate and grab the first office job you can. You tell yourself it’s temporary but then BAM! the years have whizzed by and you can barely remember your first day.

Job security is great but is a full time office job right for you or is it slowly eating away at your soul? Here are 10 signs you might want to consider chasing a different career dream: Continue reading

10 Signs You Need More Coffee In Your Life


Whether you are a veteran coffee drinker or aspire to be, here are 10 signs you need more coffee in your life:

1.) You used to think one cup of coffee a day was amazing. It gave you 16 hours worth of motivation and jittery excitement as you raced through your day. Now it barely gets you from the couch to the shower in the mornings. Continue reading

10 Signs You’re Geographically Challenged

Waiheke Island NZI don’t know about you, but Geography was never my strong point in school. I don’t know if it was a learning thing or if I just had no interest in the subject or the way it was taught. Either way, nothing really stuck with me long term. Even with navigational technology I still struggle, much to the bafflement of my friends. I swear I am getting better with practice though. I might just be in denial but I will take it as progress.

They say ‘write what you know’ so here are 10 Signs that you may be geographically challenged like me: Continue reading

10 Signs You’re Not In A Romantic Comedy

If you’re anything like me there’s a chance you’ve had a moment in life (or many) where you’ve thought “This is something that would happen in a Rom-Com!” or “Jeez, if this was a Rom-Com [insert generic Rom-Com plot point here] would have happened by now.” Sadly, life is not a scripted movie with guaranteed plot resolutions or quirky plot twists. Not convinced? Here are 10 signs for you to muse over: Continue reading

10 Signs You’ve Been Trained By Your Cat

Cat - Pixabay

Photo Source: Pixabay

Cats. There’s no denying they’re crafty creatures that will soon have you twisted around their furry little paws in no time… or tangled around your legs whenever you try to sneak into the kitchen undetected. While you’re busy convincing yourself that you’ve trained your cat, here are 10 signs that your cat has in fact trained you: Continue reading

10 Signs You’re A Friends Addict

friends collider

Photo Credit: Collider.com

Friends still has a large fan base and cult following thanks to the readily available re-runs on TV and box sets available for purchase. If you are worried that this show is taking over your life here are 10 signs to look for in determining whether you are merely a Friends devotee or a Friends junkie fanatic spiraling out of control: Continue reading