Life has many aspects to it; love, friendship, fear, excitement, loss, heartbreak and many unexpected turns and bumps along the way. It is a word that means something different to each individual because everyone’s life is lived differently.

Come along with me as I take a wander (and occasionally trip over) through some of life’s travels and adventures.

Here’s how the categories break down in terms of… err… the slices? Yeah let’s go with that:


Books – Book reviews mostly.

Movies – Thoughts and feedback on movies I’ve seen, or want to see, or don’t want to see. The occasional post about movie stars may creep in under this category.



Travel – I only got my passport in May 2015 so you will find some overseas trips in this category as well as local adventures, reviews and tips.

Quotes – Because sometimes in life you need a little inspiration to cling to or something that says “don’t worry, me too”.

Other Insanity

10 Signs – A category not taken too seriously. It’s kind of “What if” meets “omg I do some of these things but let’s disguise this by exaggerating it so it’s a joke”.

Random – *opens can of worms and watches them go flying* This is pretty much anything that doesn’t fit into my other categories or fits into too many to choose from. So far my Random category is filled with posts about running, coffee (mmmmm coffeeeeeeeee), a conversation with my brain (don’t worry it’s not as creepy as it sounds), addictive computer games and tips for goal setting for your beauty projects. In this sense Random really fits in both Other Insanity and Life… oh and Love (hello… coffee! How could I overlook that? Coffee should really be its own category.)

Thoughts and Tangents – My fancy way of saying “my random thoughts that don’t really have much of a point or consistent focus but entertained me enough (or royally ticked me off enough) to write them down.” As that is too long to have for a category “Thoughts and Tangents” it is.


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