10 Signs You Have a Stationery Addiction



I’m of the opinion you can never have too many items of stationery. Frankly the idea of living in a stationery store sounds awesome. Minus the random people browsing. And the employees judging you for spending an hour deciding which diary cover to go with. I’m picturing a giant ladder made out of thousands of paper clips, and a binder slide. Oh and one wall painted with chalkboard paint and another entirely made out of whiteboard… what? Oh, right, the post. Here are 10 signs you might have a teensy tiny stationery addiction. Not me though. I’ve totally got it under control. Obviously.

1.) Your credit card statements look like an inventory list for an office supply warehouse. But don’t worry, you’ve colour coded every purchase into categories with 10 different shades of high lighter. And of course used a ruler in the process because you’ve been dying to break out the Disney themed one you just bought.

2.) Binge watching origami tutorials and arts and craft hacks until 2am is your guilty pleasure. Forget cat videos, Youtube has your back with brand new videos lined up for you as soon as you log in.

3.) You have a gift for identifying over 2000 stationery brands and their product names by sight. Your family is a getting sick of you yelling out throughout their favourite TV show every time you spot a hole punch or 3 ring binder in the background.

4.) You are the stapler guru. You know everything about them including the different types, the size staples they take and the various settings and elements that go with each of them.

5.) You’re no longer allowed to decorate the office at work for special occasions. Your boss didn’t appreciate the paper clip chain streamers, hole punch confetti, Post-It note bunting, or the 15 party hats you constructed out of pen holders, elastic bands, glitter glue and cute animal erasers. Your ambition of becoming a “stationery themed party planner” has yet to take off.

6.) When a co-worker asks to borrow a pen it feels like Sophie’s Choice.

7.) You have 10 calculators, all different styles and colours. Five of them don’t work but you don’t care. They’re pretty and they’re yours. My preciousssssses!

8.) Your bookcase is filled with blank notebooks. No two notebooks are the same. You have a sign on your bookcase (made with your very own label maker) Do Not Touch.

9.) You use different sized bulldog clips to hang out your washing. Instead of a peg basket you keep them in a pencil case with a paper clip chain as a handle.

10.) You run a volunteer arts and craft workshop on the weekends just so you can use up your art supplies and buy some more. Everyone loves pipe cleaners, right? Ooh, glitter pipe cleaners. *adds to cart*



2 thoughts on “10 Signs You Have a Stationery Addiction

  1. Haha! YES TO ALL OF THIS! I’m such a stationary addict. When I was younger, when I got depressed, my parents would take me to office works. I have so much stationary it’s a bit ridiculous and trying to choose my diary for the year is often an anxiety inducing decision.

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    • There’s something special about brand new stationery. It’s like when you look at a blank notebook and picture all these wonderful things and ideas you can fill it with. Then you write in it and it doesn’t live up to what you pictured. Or your handwriting becomes messy. But until you write in it the possibilities seem endless and it gives you a small sense of hope and inspiration and what you might achieve with it and other stationery (like pretty pens). Maybe that’s just me lol.


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