10 Signs Office Work Is Not Your Calling


It’s a nice dream isn’t it? To one day find your calling and do what you love. Sadly, reality doesn’t always mirror what’s in your head. Bills need paying and you keep getting rejected for your dream job in favour of someone with more experience or a higher list of qualifications. So you get desperate and grab the first office job you can. You tell yourself it’s temporary but then BAM! the years have whizzed by and you can barely remember your first day.

Job security is great but is a full time office job right for you or is it slowly eating away at your soul? Here are 10 signs you might want to consider chasing a different career dream:

1.) The idea of sitting at a desk for the good part of seven hours a day, five days a week sounds like torture.

2.) The more you stare at your stationery the more they start to look like potential weapons.

3.) The more phone calls you take the more you realise people suck. Especially around five minutes to 5 O’clock.

4.) Hold music makes your eye twitch. Don’t even get me started on the doorbell hold music. No. Just no.

5.) You look at the clock a bare minimum of 27 times a day. You’ve tried willing time to speed up, negotiating with it to go faster in exchange for promises you don’t intend to keep. Yet minutes still pass like hours.

6.) The song Whataya Want From Me plays loudly in your head every time your manager checks up on you or hovers over your shoulder. Seriously, micro manage me more, that will make me work harder.

7.) The longer you follow someone else’s KPIs and career dreams the more you start questioning your role. It never ends. It doesn’t matter how hard you work they will always want more. Yet you have no accomplishments of your own.

8.) Thanks to customer service and management you now speak sarcasm so fluently you can’t even tell when you’re joking or being sincere any more.

9.) Daydreaming at work has gone from a little habit to your lifeline. You’re co-workers now call you Walter Mitty. You stare at them blankly while imagining what it would be like to abseil out the window to freedom… or commando crawl under desks and forward roll out the door.

10.) Paper cuts are your war wounds. You once used to recoil in horror when a piece of paper or edge of a folder got you, now the pain is little more than a numb distraction to the repetition of your job.


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