Healesville Sanctuary

Located a just over an hour from Melbourne, Healesville Sanctuary is a nice little day out for lovers of zoos, wildlife, art and education.

It’s also one of those places I know I have been to at some stage in my childhood but cannot recall when, why or who took me. So, I decided it was time to go back and check it out. Because new memories and experiences are what 2017 is all about… well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I happened to go the last Saturday of the school holidays (28th January 2017) so it was hot, there were plenty of families with screaming kids and a queue for tickets. Luckily I had slathered on the sunscreen, packed a hat and sunnies, and had a nearly full tank of patience thanks to a reasonable night’s sleep. As for the queue it moved before I even had the chance to check myself in on Facebook.

Overall I spent a good 2.5hrs roaming around the zoo and that’s including a lunch break. They do have cafes/kiosks where you can purchase food though I recommend bringing something along as: a) it’s cheaper to pack your own and b) if, like me, you had your heart stomach set on a salad there’s a good chance they will have run out by the time you order. (My backup plan was a sandwich which was still pretty tasty. Just in case you were wondering… *cheesy grin*)

Am I glad I went? Absolutely. Did it match up with my vague childhood memory? No…. but I have a feeling my mind has mixed together memories of Healesville Sanctuary and Gumbuya Park and probably every flora and fauna park I’ve ever been to as a youngster. That or it might have had a make over in the last 20 plus years. Either way, it made for a good day out. The only things I would do differently are pack a salad, avoid school holidays and take a picture of the sign on my way in. (I intended to on the way out but forgot. Oops.)

Speaking of photos (because I apparently need an awkward segue) here are some happy snaps for you to enjoy (or politely look at so I don’t feel offended). Thanks for reading.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. for more information on opening hours, location or pricing you can visit Zoos Victoria.


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