10 Signs You Need More Coffee In Your Life


Whether you are a veteran coffee drinker or aspire to be, here are 10 signs you need more coffee in your life:

1.) You used to think one cup of coffee a day was amazing. It gave you 16 hours worth of motivation and jittery excitement as you raced through your day. Now it barely gets you from the couch to the shower in the mornings.

2.) You went without coffee once. It was terrible. All you got out of it was a giant headache. Not a single life lesson or epiphany in sight. Worst 24 hours of your life.

3.) You’ve been given an oversized mug as a gift. It says I love coffee. You’re obliged to use it. Enough said.

4.) Coffee shops call to you in a sing song whisper as you walk on by. The further away you get the creepier the voice becomes. It may or may not be coffee withdrawals kicking in.

5.) You suspect  you are becoming immune to the effects of caffeine. You stick to your usual daily intake yet your impatience and sarcasm levels have risen rapidly. This has not gone unnoticed by your friends. They’ve started bribing you with coffee flavoured chocolates and offering you chocolate covered coffee beans for positive reinforcement.

6.) You have a favourite coffee place and regular barista. They are yet to recognise you or know your usual order. You’re either a very unnoticeable person or clearly don’t drink enough store bought coffees little cups of marvelous.

7.) You’ve dipped a biscuit in a tea once and it broke. This has never happened to you with coffee. Tea cannot be trusted. Stick to coffee.

8.) You get strange looks when you rock up to Starbucks and order water before whipping out your laptop and typing away at your novel. If you’re going to be a cliche do it properly. Add coffee.

9.) 3 o’clock kicks in at work and you keel over at your desk, face planting your keyboard.

10.) Need to keep up with the kids after they’ve gotten into the red cordial? Coffee to the rescue! *cue super hero music*


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