10 Signs You’re Geographically Challenged

Waiheke Island NZI don’t know about you, but Geography was never my strong point in school. I don’t know if it was a learning thing or if I just had no interest in the subject or the way it was taught. Either way, nothing really stuck with me long term. Even with navigational technology I still struggle, much to the bafflement of my friends. I swear I am getting better with practice though. I might just be in denial but I will take it as progress.

They say ‘write what you know’ so here are 10 Signs that you may be geographically challenged like me:

1.) You are never 100% sure how to spell geographically let alone how to pronounce it. You have a theory why. You figure since geography is something you suck at, your brain hasn’t bothered to learn the word. You never said it was a good theory.

2.) You find it impressive that authors can be so descriptive about places and directions when you would be at a loss to describe the journey of walking down to your local shops.

3.) You are a visual person, street names and technical directions mean nothing to you. When people say things like “go North for about 3kms then head South West” you just stare at them blankly before replying: “Yes, but what is that in landmarks and minutes?”

4.) You are so good at getting lost that even turning around confuses you.

5.) You’ve had family tell you not to travel alone. Not because they fear for your safety but because they are so sure you are going to get yourself lost. A lot. Thanks guys.

6.) You use a GPS when driving (even to places you’ve been to before). Your relationship with your GPS is a strained one. Even though you’re on a first name basis you fight a lot and have threatened to throw him/her out the window for always recalculating. “Damn it, Lee. You had one job! One job not to get me lost! What the hell?”

7.) You’ve tried pre-planning the heck out of a trip once or twice to avoid getting lost. Obsessively studying Google Maps has only confused you more, convincing yourself that your GPS is indeed out to get you. That has to be the reason, right? Why would Google Maps lie?

8.) You have a feeling you would struggle to fill out the details of your own country on a map, let alone name international places correctly.

9.) Your friends never pick you to be the navigator. They are all too aware of your giant collection of lost stories you try to spin as ‘adventures’.

10.) You have a mini panic attack whenever you are approached for directions by a tourist. “Can’t you just Google it?!!!” screams internally in your head while you try to look calm and totally confident of your surroundings.


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