10 Signs You’ve Been Trained By Your Cat

Cat - Pixabay

Photo Source: Pixabay

Cats. There’s no denying they’re crafty creatures that will soon have you twisted around their furry little paws in no time… or tangled around your legs whenever you try to sneak into the kitchen undetected. While you’re busy convincing yourself that you’ve trained your cat, here are 10 signs that your cat has in fact trained you:

1.) You have more than three cat videos in your YouTube history. You see them as light entertainment, your cat sees them as training videos.

2.) You are extremely protective of your meals. You half expect your friends to swipe food off your plate the moment you look away.

3.) You automatically hiss and arch your back when a dog comes near you… actually if you do that you’ve been around cats WAY too much and seriously need to cut back on the caffeine.

4.) You talk to cats in a baby voice and wave hello to them without a second thought.

5.) You side with Mr Tinkles every time you watch Cats & Dogs which you’ve seen over countless times.

6.) Some people show off a second language by using it overseas in front of their friends, you show off your meowing skills by having a conversation with your cat. Because you can.

7.) You choose clothes based on whether or not cat hair will be visible.

8.) 101 Dalmatians is your least favourite Disney movie followed closely by Lady and The Tramp.

9.) You are at your most patient when a cat is sitting on your lap. The cat’s comfort comes before your own, even if it means ignoring pins and needles and chronic back pain.

10.) You’ve picked up some unusual habits like randomly knocking stuff off tables and benches while making eye contact with your friends and family. Your cat is quite proud of this but thinks your hunting and grooming skills need work.


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