10 Signs You’ve Been Brainwashed By Disney

If you were obsessed with Disney movies as a kid chances are it’s spilled over into your adulthood without you even realising. Here are 10 signs the Disney corporation got to you early on with spreading their animated magic and mayhem:

1.) Random Disney songs pop into your head at any given time. There doesn’t need to be a reason for your mind to bust out with “what would I give to be where you are? What would I pay to lay here beside you?” you could be in the shower or on the toilet for all your mind cares. (Sorry for the mental image.)

2.) You are prone to impromptu singing about every day tasks or to sharing your internal monologue with the world.

3.) When upset you fling yourself onto your bed and sob dramatically.

4.) You use Disney movies as reference to win arguments and make life decisions.

5.) Occasionally you talk to objects around the house. Once or twice you have asked the mirror “who’s the fairest of them all?” but the only response was an eye roll so you’ve gone back to chatting to your teacups and wardrobe.

6.) You have only just realised your dream guy/girl is a mash up of different Disney characters. This disturbs you.

7.) Some people quote famous authors and books, you quote Disney movies. A lot.

 8.) You half expect animals to start talking to you or burst into song. You are secretly disappointed that this has never happened. You keep talking to them just in case they understand you.

9.) Every time you dress up for a costume party/cosplay/Halloween you go as a Disney hero or villain. Every. Single. Time.

10.) You firmly believe that disobedience, curiosity and stubbornness will always lead to adventure and a happily ever after ending. Because Disney said so.


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