When Little Things Invade Your Space


I discovered a bee on the blinds near the kettle. So now the bee owns the room (laundry/kitchenette area).

I opened the back door and shut the sliding door to the kitchen hoping that it would take the hint and leave because 1.) I didn’t want to hurt it 2.) I didn’t want it to hurt me and 3.) I didn’t want to have to handle it either physically or emotionally. But apparently it was quite happy chilling out where it was. Go figure. Maybe I should have asked it to pay rent. It might have left then.

It got me thinking though, how something so small and random can cause you to  go out of your way for it. Instead of making a coffee I waited. For the bee. I got tired of waiting after close to an hour so I “rescued” the coffee and sugar canisters that were bee adjacent and tried making a coffee with hot tap water because the kettle now belonged in bee territory. I do not recommend a tap water coffee, it isn’t great. Much later, annoyed and yet curious to find the bee still around, I decided to put the kettle on but moved it slightly so the steam wouldn’t go near Mr Bee (or Mrs Bee?). The bee moved at the sound of the kettle working but didn’t seem too bothered. So once boiled I “rescued” the kettle from its cradle and snuck back  into the kitchen ninja-style to make a coffee.

In the end the bee was moved to the lawn via brochure transportation. Not by me. Because bee. Apparently it looked like it was missing its stinger which surprised me as it had been wandering around a bit even if it was a tad slow and drunk-like. Poor bee. *goes to make sure back door is closed*


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