I Take You – Eliza Kennedy

I Take You

“Because I should love Will. He’s such a wonderful person. So very lovable. He possesses so many wonderful, lovable, admirable qualities. There’s only one quality that he lacks. The quality to be more than one man.”

Lily Wilder is getting married. Will is a sweet, unassuming museum curator
with great charm who would make a perfectly caring and loyal husband. It’s
just a shame that Lily, on the other hand, is what her family calls “a free spirit”,“a live wire” and “a brazen slut” who has a tendency to be drawn to trouble.

With only six days until the wedding she has a lot of soul searching to do and a lot of guilt to drink away. Can she tame her wild side and give monogamy a real try? Should she take her family’s advice and call off the wedding or should she come clean to her fiancé about all the other men she’s been fooling around with and hope for the best?

Eliza Kennedy’s first novel I Take You is a funny and twisted look at marriage, desire, infidelity, and whether people are capable of permanent change and growth. With a fast paced, sassy, and brutally honest narrative you are in for a laugh out loud read as you follow Lily through her cringe-worthy stumbles and drunken escapades as she zig zags her way towards her impending wedding date.

“I’ve never shown up to work in this condition before, so everything is strange and new and a little hilarious. I start to laugh, which gets me some dark looks. Then I hit an unexpected pocket of turbulence in the hallway. Oh no – I’m going down! Fortunately, a wall saves me. You know what? Thank God for walls. Whoever put them in this hallway had a lot of foresight.”

Word of warning: Not recommended for youngsters, as it contains mild coarse language, as well as sex and drug references.

First published in The Australia Times Books


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