10 Signs You Were Born To Be A Mad Scientist

Whether you have great ambitions for kookiness or it comes naturally, here are 10 signs you may be destined to quit your day job and be the best mad scientist you can be:

1.) You not only have your very own lab coat but you believe it goes with everything.

2.) No one can do the mad laugh like you can. If they try you give them the evil eye.

3.) You haven’t brushed your hair in months. Which is fine as you don’t go out much anyway.

4.) You tend to go a little crazy with “home improvements” such as trying to combine a washer and dryer together or trying an iron and toaster hybrid. The ones that work out you’ve started referring to as your children which ups your creep factor by 100.

5.) You see James Bond as the villain in all the 007 movies.

6.) When buying a house you look for: a) an attic and a weather vane b) a basement with a generator or c) a large backyard and a shovel in event any of your … err… “home improvements” needing disposing of.

7.) Your fictional heroes include Dr Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll, Doc Brown and to a lesser extent Dr Evil. You also think Yzma from The Emperor’s New Grove is pretty awesome.

8.) You treat classic horror movies where the villain is a mad scientist as what not to do and take notes. You also sympathize with Dracula.

9.) Your best friend could easily be renamed Igor or Kronk.

10.) The word ‘eccentric’ has been following you around since you were a toddler. Runner up words and phrases include ‘odd socks’, ‘lost the plot’ and ‘marbles’.


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