Why I Go At My Own Pace

While everyone’s life is different and unique in one way or another we all still share common milestones or goals. Quite often it’s how friendships are formed and how family bonds are strengthened or developed. It’s these commonalities though (and society in general) that can trip us up into believing we are in competition with each other.

How many times have you looked at your friend’s life and compared it to your own? How many times have you thought “Gee, I am really behind everyone in this whole life business”? *runs out of fingers to count on* Yep, I do it all the time.  And the conclusion I have come to after all these thoughts and comparisons? I’ve really got to stop and get over it. Yes, I didn’t get my first job until I had finished my studies while most of my friends had a retail or other casual job during High School and yes I didn’t get my learners permit until I was 21 when my friends had gotten theirs in the traditional 16-17 age bracket and yes I trailed behind on the whole boyfriend and  social scene but you know what? It’s ok. I am allowed to be slower than others and I am allowed to do things my own way. I am also allowed to completely stop and take life in for a while if I really want to. No one can force me to race ahead. If I had been ready to do those things earlier or had a need to (or the enthusiasm) I’m sure I would have done it back then (the idea of driving really freaked me out so I am glad I waited until I had a little more confidence and determination).

When I think about it I’ve gone at my own pace my whole life (I was even late with learning how to ride a bike but got there in the end… actually I also didn’t learn how to plait until mid way through my primary school years… and I still haven’t really established any cooking skills… *awkward*) and that is fine. It is a quality (or habit?) that will never change (thank you stubborn streak and laziness).


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