10 Signs You’re A Friends Addict

friends collider

Photo Credit: Collider.com

Friends still has a large fan base and cult following thanks to the readily available re-runs on TV and box sets available for purchase. If you are worried that this show is taking over your life here are 10 signs to look for in determining whether you are merely a Friends devotee or a Friends junkie fanatic spiraling out of control:

1.) You always do the clap part of the theme song. Unless by some misfortune you miss it.

2.) Missing the clap part of the theme song disappoints you way more than it really should.

3.) Friends is your go to show for re-runs during the week nights.

4.) Your idea of a fun Friday night involves pouring over Friends memes, stalking checking to see what the actors are up to in the celeb gossip and taking Friends personality quizzes just for kicks.

5.) You own the complete box set of Friends and all two seasons of Joey.

6.) Every conversation you have with your friends involves you making at least one Friends reference or Chandler style joke. More if the conversation lulls. Meanwhile your actual friends are smiling politely while thinking: Could this BE anymore annoying?

7.) You have held or at attended at least one Friends trivia night in the past 6 months.

8.) You try to convince your friends to dress up as Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Ross or Chandler for Halloween every year. When they refuse you suggest Gunther and Central Perk patrons as a back up plan. They seem to be wearing down thanks to your persistence. Next year you’re thinking of adding Ursula, Tag, Janice, Mike and David as further costume suggestions.

9.) You own a signed Friends poster and check eBay regularly for memorabilia.

10.) Your personality violently switches from one character to the next in place of mood swings (Friends personality disorder?). Over time you’ve morphed into a blob of all six characters with Phoebe’s innocence and street smarts, Chandler’s awkward social skills and humour, Rachel’s indecisiveness and love of shopping, Monica’s OCD and scrapiness, Joey’s possessive nature towards food (“JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!”) and Ross’ deadpan sarcasm and overall awkward geekiness.


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