5 Reasons To Run

When most people hear the word “run” they automatically think fitness (or zombie apocalypse). Sure, fitness  is a great reason to go for a jog (or a flat out sprint if you happen to be into apocalypse training) but here are five other reasons you may want to give running a second thought or even a second chance:

1.) Anger and stress management

We all get angry and we all get stressed. Running gives you a chance to calm down and work through your thoughts and feelings. Plus if you take your anger out on pounding the pavement and pushing your cardio it may just save you from flipping out or yelling at someone.

2.) Helps you focus

No matter how good your problem solving skills are there will be moments where the more you try for a solution the more stumped you get. In those cases it helps if you take a step back from the pressure of it all and go for a run.

3.) Gives you back a sense of purpose or sense of accomplishment

Let’s face it, when we find ourselves with nothing going on working on our fitness by running can give us back our control or sense of purpose we need. When you progress from being able to do one circuit to two in the same time frame it makes you feel like you are getting somewhere. This sense of achievement can have a ripple effect and see you tackling new challenges.

4.) Motivates and energises

Running is a great way to dissolve laziness. If you aren’t a morning person you might find that an early morning run will wake you up and boost your enthusiasm for the day (unless the universe decides you are going to have a bad day. Then running cannot save you from anything … except maybe, just maybe, from zombies).

5.) Ignites competitiveness

I don’t believe those people who say they lack a competitive nature. Even if you don’t run with a partner or group I bet you a cup of coffee it won’t be long before you’re in competition with yourself. You may call it “goal setting” or “progress” but if you’re trying to beat your time, distance or pace each time you run you are competing against yourself. Embrace it. It means you’ve caught the running bug and are looking after your fitness. *golf clap*

*Warning! As a common side effect of running you may find yourself quoting Forest Gump in your head at some point during your run (or out loud if you really want to confuse people)*


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