10 Signs You Play Too Much Tetris

Can you guess what Tetris, Solitaire and Candy Crush all have in common? Yeeeeep, that’s right, they are all addictive little games that suck you in until you realise you’ve just gone 30 minutes without blinking. Think you are in control over the game? If you nod along to more than one or two of these 10 signs… sorry but you’ve been conquered by Tetris. Run away!

1.) When you close your eyes to sleep you see the Tetris screen of your last game.

2.) When needing to pack up something or make room your Tetris skills kick in and you don’t even think about it.

3.) The game music pops into your head at least once a day.

4.) You see your friends as shapes to be figured out instead of people. Even more so when planning a road trip.

5.) When you see a space in a brick wall you mentally fill it with the correct shape that would clear it.

6.) You sneak the word Tetris into almost every conversation. It’s gotten so bad people think you have a weird game version of Tourette’s.

7.) Your dance moves are oddly angular.

8.) Sitting in traffic is dangerous as you start to see cars as puzzle pieces.

9.) You’ve become obsessed with movies that make Tetris references in them like Wreck It Ralph and Pixels.


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