10 Signs You Could Lead A Creative Rebellion

1.) You’ve seriously considered sneaking out at night and writing inspiring quotes, poetry or positive messages in chalk on the sidewalk outside of people’s houses. Not to graffiti just to inspire.

2.) You see paintings and messages on buildings and private property as street art and not graffiti and try to look for meaning in tagging (but give up as most of it is just scribble).

3.) You like the idea that words are weapons. It makes you feel somewhat powerful.

4.) You know the layout of Officeworks better than the employees. Should there be a creative rebellion this would be your secret HQ (well, not so secret now).

5.) You spend a lot of time day dreaming or “mind wandering”. Quite often it’s more fun than reality. This often inspires great ideas that seem completely random to your friends… Like turning a stapler into a slingshot… wait, what?

6.) You’ve been thinking of doing a creative letter drop or a flyer with pull tab messages on it. You think of it as a way to encourage people to stress less and think creatively… or at the very least smile.

7.) You watch movies where teens TP (toilet paper) peoples houses and think “that would be much more effective with streamers or tinsel”.

8.) Whenever you pass a statue or artistic sculpture you are really tempted to dress it up with a scarf, hat or sunnies. Because, why not? Oooh, fairy lights *writes that down*

9.) You are almost tempted to recruit a few of your friends to “edit” the graffiti that appears along the railway line and turn it into an ongoing story. Just so people would have something to read out of the train windows on their travels other than profanity and tags.

10.) You realise you’ve been preparing for a creative rebellion your whole life having grown up watching Art Attack and Mr Squiggle and to a lesser extent Play School. (Is that considered creative brainwashing?)


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