10 Signs Your Friend Has Been Binge Watching NCIS

Ever get the feeling your friend has become so obsessed with NCIS (the original) that they’ve morphed into a different version of themselves as a result? Here are 10 signs to look for before you start sounding the alarm for an intervention or attempt restricting their access to Gibbs and the team:

1.) They slap you across the back of the head every time you say something sarcastic or stupid.

2.) They used to spend their spare time scrapbooking or gardening but now have the makings of a boat being built in their garage or basement. Which is strange because they are neither great with measurements or power tools. Even IKea furniture stumps them at the best of times.

3.) They’ve become addicted to caffeine infused soft drinks or slurpees and have gone for black hair worn with bangs and pigtails.

4.) They’ve changed from white coffee with two sugars to strong black coffee.

5.) They keep mentioning how certain moments would look great as a black and white photo right before an ad break.

6.) Every reply to a question seems to be “yes, Boss” or “right away, Boss”. It’s gotten so annoying you find yourself staring them down Gibbs style.

7.) They’ve started referring to you on a surname basis. Which is ridiculous as your first name is somewhat shorter and quicker to say.

8.) They’ve gone crazy with their cardio training just in case they need to chase anyone and climb a fence.

9.) Simple answers to your questions become convoluted with backstory and history Ducky style.

10.) They have a bunch of rules they now follow. Such as “Rule number three, never believe what you are told. Double check” (a Gibbs rule from s1 ep1)


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