To Coffee Or Not To Coffee

Photo © Tara MotherwellA fool’s question for the answer is always coffee. A sip unlocks a smile, enchants your day with magic and brings a little rhythm to your step where once was nothing but weary shoes on worn pavement.

A second cup gets you going, pumping heart into your day as you tackle a challenge and race towards a deadline, fearless and a little crazy as you count the number of cups from two to three.

By the fourth or fifth cup you lose count and turn those little tremors into jitters of raw excitement as new inspiration hits you over and over in short burst and waves. The minutes between cups seem like hours all rolled together as you get lost in your day. You hardly notice your leg bouncing a little as you sit and type away.

“To coffee, or not to coffee” feels like a question posed eons ago as you look at your phone and decide to have one more before bed. To go without coffee is to leave a part of you behind. A shadow self that patiently waits by the unboiled kettle for your return. You always return, a coffee cup in hand and a small smile lighting up your face.


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