10 Signs You’ve Watched Too Many Horror Movies And Murder Mysteries

1.) Driving alone late at night with your music going feels like a scene from a horror movie every time you glance in the rear-view mirror at a deserted road behind you. So much so that you lock your car door. You’re not silly, you’re such a buff at the horror and mystery genre you know that this type of situation is followed by something random happening (usually a person appearing out of nowhere or a strange car following you).

2.) You’re at home alone about to do a normal activity like wash the dishes, go on your treadmill (that’s conveniently facing away from the door) or climb up a ladder to retrieve something from a top shelve when you pause and feel the need to do a security check around the house.

3.) You always turn the fan on before jumping into a hot shower because you don’t want to see any cryptic messages scrawled across a foggy bathroom mirror.

4.) Going for an isolated jog with music in your ears doesn’t sound motivational or relaxing to you at all but more like the easiest way to become a victim.

5.) Whenever something creepy happens or you find yourself in a horrible situation you have your own version of a horror movie/murder mystery soundtrack run through your head (even if it’s just a few dramatic or eerie notes of piano music).

6.) Every time you walk under a bridge you can’t help but glance towards the bushes no matter what time it is.

7.) You trust a pet’s instinct better than your own when it comes to safety. The same goes for strangers or new friends visiting your house, if your pet doesn’t like them you seriously start to analyse why.

8.) You have a knack for guessing everyone’s motive and plot twist before you’ve gotten more than ten minutes into watching a show or movie.

9.) You turn a simple situation of a friend losing a house key into a complicated theory where a stalker has stolen it to make a copy with the intention to break in and steal a pair of their underwear as a sick memento. This, of course, has your friend more freaked out about you than the theory itself.

10.) You don’t see knick knacks sitting on shelves, you see potential murder weapons for ‘blunt force trauma’.

If you’ve nodded along to more than 5 of these perhaps it’s time to at least consider watching a comedy or two for a little while (and no, horror spoofs do not count).


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