Day 1 of Pre-Travel Bumhood

Wow, I didn’t think I would say this so soon but, so far, my freedom is boring. I did have a quiet weekend following my last day of work which didn’t help. There’s only so much you can sleep in and only so many cups of coffee you can drink.

I guess I depend on routine and structure more than I thought. Or maybe I will always want to chase what I don’t have. When I’m trapped in a 9-5 job that I don’t enjoy all I want to do is leave and have more freedom. Give me all the free time in the world and all I want is a job. Go figure. Change is hard. Especially when it’s in our nature to seek out patterns and familiarity. My comfort zone is warm and cozy. It comes with its very own fireplace and endless mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Who’d want to leave that in winter?

On the bright side, there’s only 9 days to go until I go to Singapore for my first overseas trip! I’m not quite sure what to expect but that’s part of the fun. And, if all goes well, it could be the gateway trip to many more travel adventures. Even if, for the most part, I end up having to travel alone (a minor downside to being single). Tour groups would provide the company and safety in numbers but it’s not quite the same as travelling with a friend or family member. Luck for me I will be travelling to Singapore with my awesome cousin. Ok, I may be biased with the awesome part but it is pretty cool to have someone to go with. Must buy her some thank you chocolate when we get back (she may think I’m bribing her if I buy it beforehand).

Ugh. I am getting a headache (I thought that was only a side effect to work not rest!). Time for another coffee and some fresh air. Aaaaaand maybe one more game of Tetris before I brush my hair, rub my eyes and stumble out into the sunlight to catch up with a friend for coffee (Ssssshhh, more coffee is a good thing).


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