When The Restless Want To Wander

There comes a time when you will look at your life and make a choice: keep plodding along or make some changes. For some this will happen numerous times, for others once or twice in their lifetime. For me, it is now. My choice is for change. It is time I stop waiting for life and instead live it.

I am a cautious soul, I follow the rules, I choose job security and income over happiness and I feel like I am stuck in a rut.

I have never travelled overseas, I have never fully chased a dream, I have never taken big risks without over thinking it every step of the way, I have never been able to live my life freely without worrying about what others think. I have never, I have never, I have never… for me, this has now become a problem. So, I can keep identifying my problems and complaining about them or I can start taking ownership and find some solutions. The first solution at the top of my list? Take a step back from the life I’m living and run ungraciously towards a new, and somewhat daunting, direction. Sounds a bit vague, I know, but if I am too specific I will undoubtedly become stuck and inevitably let myself down… yet again. But for the purpose of this exercise I have to consider my current position: I have no significant other, no mortgage, no dependants (besides a family cat) and no debt. I do have a full-time job in a small family-owned company that holds no future prospects or growth even after being there for just over 3 years. For me, my job is just a wage not a career.

So, first things first, I have quit my job. In a week’s time I shall be walking away from “full-time employee” to “unemployed”. Eeep. It sounds rather silly when I say “I have quit my job without lining up a new one” (and I can only imagine what my relatives would have to say about it) but it’s not something I have decided to do without a lot of thought behind it. Yes, I am giving up job security and a steady income but I am also giving up working for an unapproachable and abrupt manager in an office environment that is quite often volatile and uncomfortable. There, I’ve said it. I am choosing my sanity and happiness over money. Why not? It is time I step outside my comfort zone to travel and rediscover my strengths rather than concentrate on my weaknesses and shortcomings. It will probably be the only time I will be in a position to do so with my savings and lack of financial responsibilities. Wish me luck.


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